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Whenever Apple and Google fanboys start fighting among themselves, the chief argument is that Android is not safe to use because it is ridden with malware and low quality apps.

While we can’t argue about the quality of apps, the company in a recent Android State of the Union Report confirmed that they have managed to reduce malware content on their operating system. The app distribution platform Play Store has a lot of strong guidelines and strict checking in place.

However, malware issues continue to plague the operating system because of the fact that a lot of devices around the globe use it. A lot of app developers are out there and Android was still in its budding stage. They can’t reject submissions as Apple does which is why the company had to put up with the problem.

Now, Android has easily surpassed iOS platform in almost every region around the globe. The OS powers a lot of phones, tablets and even televisions these days. Google has recognized the need to focus on quality and security because of which they took a lot of steps to increase the trust ratio.

The report submitted by Google is 44-pages and you may hardly have the time or patience to read through it. The content in the shortest possible context confirms that Android malware has been reduced by 50% within 2014 and it is further being curbed this year.

They have brought in humans to check and certify every app before it gets uploaded to the app store. Webview is an issue that Google refused to patch but if users simply ditch it, they would be much safer.

The developers have fixed various other problems which made the operating system a safer place to be.
“The newest versions of Android have benefited by this malware removal as apps run smooth and the operating system is more responsive than before,” added the spokesperson.

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