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Everything started off as a funny joke because the PC gaming community has always enjoyed such insane, hilarious ideas. The concept of creating simulators for every other thing out there is possible only on computers.

Developers made city sims, airport and railway simulators which then moved to games like surgeon simulator and there’s even one for rocks. But, when Call of Duty Ghosts got launched, the word ‘Goat’ stuck in people’s minds instead of Ghosts.

Everyone was talking about a funny game that never existed until Goat Simulator landed officially on Steam. It became a sensational hit and people purchased it simply as a joke but it made sales nevertheless.

The game is now making its way to Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. The company released an awesome new trailer which takes people back to the 90s when Jurassic Park was such a sensation.

Goats are supposed to be the prey for dinosaurs and they were left alone in the jungle to be devoured. But, not in Goat Simulator because it is the star in the game and can actually kill a T-Rex, if needed.

Coffee Stain studios was the original company which created the game for Windows platform. The same team has worked on the Xbox version of the title as well. They will be joined by Double Eleven who will help them port the game to a brand new platform. Microsoft didn’t reveal any exclusive content so far but there might be goat skins, coats and special accessories, who knows!

There is no actual release date for the game yet but the publishers have confirmed that it is coming in April. With only a couple of weeks to go, it wouldn’t be long before you find yourself hunting for grass and destroying homes on your Xbox console.

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