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Nintendo Amiibo figurines are a massive hit and they made more revenue than the company could have ever dreamed of! After all, who would have thought that people would go crazy over tiny toys that are actually storage units?

People still love Mario, Link and Donkey Kong even though the characters were originally unveiled decades ago. And, when they saw them as real toys that act as a companion for their Wii U games, the market just went crazy.

Mario is sold out all the time and so is Link among other popular characters. Nintendo is also planning to launch more Amiibos in the near future but they also made a surprise announcement during the Direct event held recently.

The developers confirmed that there are Amiibo cards coming your way. They will no longer be restrained to toys but other characters that may not have as much love as Mario will be shared in card forms.

It will also make it easier for players to carry it around and play with their friends in other locations. You can easily store a dozen cards into your wallet so as to keep all your power ups handy but the same cannot be done with a toy which is what Nintendo is aiming at.

The cards are easier to be handled by children without any risk. Nintendo confirmed that Animal Crossing will be the first game to support these amiibo cards. It will work both on 3DS and 2DS handheld consoles.

An additional NFC reader for the older generation of consoles will be available in stores real soon so that everyone can use the cards as well as the toys for its respective titles. An autumn launch is expected, according to NintendoLife.

Meanwhile, the company has announced a release date for its exclusive title Splatoon. The title is getting launched on May 29. Sadly, the next open world Zelda game has been postponed to 2016.

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