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Rockstar has finally took the time to come out of their den and talk about the PC edition of GTA 5 which is scheduled to get launched next week.

The company took their time to brief on various aspects of the game as well as the reason behind the delay. The entire interview has been posted on Gamespot and we bring you some of the best stuff from it, for you here.

Complete Control on Graphics

Sharing more information about the graphical aspect of the game, Rockstar North’s representative said that even though the game will automatically suggest recommended graphic settings for gamers, players will have complete control over the choices available.

They spent a lot of time in adding those features using which you can increase or decrease the density of the population, draw distance, fog and much more. Besides, the company admitted that PC edition is the best GTA V that players could get because graphics is more realistic.

Players can meddle with over 25 parameters so as to play in a graphics they desire. They can even push the power of their medium rigs while hardcore gamers can experience it at full 4K resolution, with 60 frames per second.

Director Mode

An exclusive mode that will let you create movies using the prime characters from GTA 5. You can pick your characters, tell them the dialogs they should speak, fix camera angles and make a movie. Compared to the PS4 or Xbox One version, it is much more customizable because of the keyboard, mouse combo, added the developer team.

Rockstar also explained that the same team has to work on multiple versions of the game which is why the delay. They finished with the consoles and then with next gen platforms before joining the team who made titles like Max Payne 3 at Rockstar.

But, the end product is simply brilliant, promises the team. GTA 5 launches on April 14 on PC after being delayed three times in a row.

You can read the full interview here.

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