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Between the year of 2011 and 2013, the sheer volume of the games released is quite staggering. If you include Indie games into that list, it extends even beyond. When it comes to the music composition of games, things have evolved than in the past since both AAA titles as well as Indie titles give tough competition to each other in terms of Original soundtracks or OST’s. The following is our compilation of top 5 game soundtracks of games released within 2011 and 2013. Surely the list is bound to extend beyond this, but we try to keep it simple as possible.

 #5  Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons by Gustaf Grefberg (2013)

As the title suggests, the story focuses on two brothers on their very unique journey through a variety of landscapes. The soundtrack is more on the mellow side with a blend of strings and vocals that capture the mood of the game in a very subtle way. Gustaf Grefberg is the magician behind the music and his big break is definitely through this album for Brothers.

 #4  Deus Ex: Human Revolution by Michael Mcann (2011)

The title has won the award at British Academy of Film & Television for Best Original score and it definitely deserves it for the brilliant work of Michael Mcann. He has brought out the unique dramatical Blade Runner-esque emotions through his score and it fit right in with the fast paced action of the game without any hassles. The OST also had 2 nominations in Hollywood Music in Media Awards and also 4 nominations in Cue Awards.

#3  Crysis 2 by Hans Zimmer and Borislav Slavov (2011)

Hans Zimmer needs no introduction whatsoever and combining his efforts with Borislav Slavov, the game’s soundtrack is definitely out of this world. Zimmer takes the credit for the main theme (which of course is the major boost) of the game while Slavov worked on all the Original Sound Tracks which kept in sync with the main theme. Besides them, Lorne Balfe and Tilman Sillescu also had their part in the game’s soundtrack album.

#2  Assassin’s Creed 3 by Lorne Balfe (2012)

The American Revolution is the best era for experimenting with music and Lorne Balfe clearly stands on top with this OST’s for Assassin’s Creed 3. It has long been in the hands of Jesper Kyd and when Balfe was given then shot, he made sure that he stood out.

#1  Crysis 3 by Borislav Slavov (2013)

This time around Borislav Slavov takes most of the credit for the game’s futuristic soundtrack while Peter Antonvszki also has a share in creating the OST for Crysis 3. Despite Hans Zimmer’s amazing creation for Crysis 2, I believe Crysis 3 clearly takes the trophy in our list of top 5 game soundtracks for its soothing piano blended with electronic dark sound.

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