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Aren’t those pesky ads really annoying? Do they bother you a lot especially when you wish to watch your favorite trailer or an interesting video content? Then, just shell out $10 and Youtube will let you watch it without ads.

A recent note has been issued to all the video creators of the channel which confirms that a paid subscription model is soon coming to the website. It will allow those video bloggers to earn good revenue rather than the Google ads which may or may not be reliable for them on the long run.

Besides, it will also help Youtube make money that will allow them to provide better servers, faster loading times and channels in 1080p, 2K and 4K resolutions. To support innovative technology, both creators and publishers need revenue which is what the subscription aims to achieve.

Youtube Music Key already received a paid, ad free subscription to music videos and the same might soon be available for all types of content. You can always continue to stream as you do now without any additional costs but $10 for a hassle free experience isn’t too much.

In a report, Polygon adds that 55 percent of the paid revenue will be given to the creators while the rest will go to Youtube. The percentage and revenue will be shared based on their views and subscriptions.

Another statement from the Verge adds that creators could set videos private, only for subscribed viewers and stop free users from enjoying it. Some already feel that this is similar to Nintendo which wants a share of every penny the video makers earn and now if Youtube starts eating up the share, it’s going to be a tough call.

Being part of the subscription plan is also said to be made mandatory for all Youtube channel owners. Net neutrality is what everyone want and maybe this is a good time to start fighting for it.

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