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A recent research conducted by a team of researchers in the University of Michigan confirmed that you are definitely going to nauseate when riding in a self-driving car.

If you are living with an assumption that cars that could automatically drive you to your location is scheduled for the late future, you are completely wrong. Before you could realize it, it could be in everyone’s home just like smartphones and tablets. The vehicles could be available readily in the next five years or less. So, be prepared and know how to avoid motion sickness.

Don’t Read, Watch or Play

The best way to not feel motion sickness is to not read books, play games on your phone or watch a movie on your tablet. When you are sitting doing nothing in an auto driven car, it is extremely difficult to not do anything but when you strain your eyes and try to focus on something, you are bound to feel nauseated. Avoid it at all costs!

Focus on the Road

Experts who did the research suggested that if you could directly look into the road and know where the car is going, you are bound to feel secure which will also make sure you don’t feel sick throughout the journey. If you try to avoid road contact and keep looking into something else, you won’t be even the direction it is going to take. A sudden left or right turn will definitely make you feel uncomfortable which could create an experience similar to being on a coaster ride in an amusement park.

Sleeping Helps

The research also concluded that if you simply rest your head on the seats and get a good sleep, you will be alright throughout the journey. Another possible action that wouldn’t cause motion sickness is to talk on the phone. Google is already busy developing their cars and getting the necessary permits after which every company would follow suit. Soon, self-driving cars are going to be the way of conventional travel and make sure to keep these in mind when you take an autonomous ride.

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