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The successor to the three player co-op platformer is back as Trine 3 which is now set in a 3D world and the three characters have more powers to wield now than never before.

There are very few co-op titles that are worth your time on PC and the same goes for PS4, Xbox One consoles as well. Magicka and Trine are some of the best but when you take a look at the nine minute gameplay video exclusively revealed by IGN, you would simply be amazed by the visuals.

Trine 3 developer by FrozenByte has come a long way since its original launch. The earlier games were 2.5D platformers where you can run only in one direction and all the puzzles, actions take place in the limited space. But, the game boasted of a soundtrack that will keep you glued to it for hours and colorful visuals that will look the best on any HD screen.

You can simply connect a controller and have two more friends at home to play it with you. The three characters , a wizard, a knight and an archer. When combined together, they are the most powerful trio who can take down even the most powerful enemy.

The wizard helps move things with his telekinetic powers while knight takes on close range enemies. Archer obviously is great at long distance kills and when you play it together with friends, the fun is unlimited.

The physics based puzzler got better to unprecedented heights with Trine 3 where you could move in every direction as it is now a 3D game. The gameplay trailer also reveals each character showing off their new powers and moving around the world with relative ease.

Check out the trailer below and you are sure to enjoy it if you love co-op puzzler games. Trine 3 is expected to launch on PC in a few months while console editions will be out later this year.

Source: IGN

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