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While every other smart watch out there keeps tried hard to do everything at once right from phone notifications to fitness and alarms, Asus VivoWatch breaks the barrier by being a product that does one thing properly.

The newly VivoWatch comes right after the Zen Watch but it is not a comprehensive product that dies at the end of the day. Ensuring battery life on a device that runs all day is really tough especially when it receives so many updates from the smartphone.

Instead, the Vivo acts independently and can easily run for 10 days on a single charge, reported Pocket Lint. That’s an amazing feat that the team at Asus has managed to accomplish. It is more of a fitness band and focuses only on the health aspects.

You can conveniently go for this product if fitness tracking is your priority. Asus confirms that the watch will be made of stainless steel material and has a solid IP67 rating. The product is highly resistive to dust and water.

There is an integrated heart rate monitor which will monitor your pulses when you are working out and send real time reports. The movement sensors bundled into the watch makes it easier to track your sleeping and workout schedule so that you can help yourself move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Asus VivoWatch has to compete with FitBit bands and Gaming Vivoactive but when they reveal more features about the product, we may know whether it is a worthy purchase. Meanwhile, Apple Watch has sold 1 million devices on its first day and is going strong so far.

While it is still in its early stages, eager fans simply wanted to see how it fares and have purchased the device. Google Wear is yet to make such a strong impact in the market with their Android wearables.

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