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Rockstar is all set to launch GTA 5 on PC after 18 months since its original release but looking at the trailer for the exclusive video editor mode, you would hardly complain the wait.

While Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles received the game in 2013, it took a year before it came out for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC edition was delayed at least three times before it is getting launched on April 14.

Because of the powerful gaming rigs that people own, the developers were inclined to push the game and has come up with 4K resolution 30 FPS. If you have an SLI or a crossfire setup, you can easily touch 60 FPS at such a high resolution. This is purely for gaming enthusiasts who have invested a lot of money on powerful gaming rigs.

The good thing about GTA 5 PC is that it is not only designed for ultra-rigs but also budget PC gamers. You can easily turn down the graphics and enjoy good textures, resolution at 1080p with a moderate graphics card. The recommended specifications confirm that this is not a port and a game made for PC right from the start.

Kickass Video Editor Mode

Check out the trailer for video editor mode on GTA 5 PC and you would instantly stop whining about the delay. It is a feature that console players could never experience because you could not only record your own stunts and action sequences but even make movies of your own.

Once the game launches, it is obvious that players will start recreating some of the best trailers and scenes from multiple movies, television series among others. You can even pick actors, sets, animals and direct your scene using your keyboard, mouse input. Such things are never possible on a controller but you still have the freedom to plug in an Xbox One controller to your Windows PC.

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