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Asus is not going to give up on the PC game console concept and after launching the moderately successful ROG GR8, they are now prepping to launch the ROG GR6. The images and

Asus ROG GR6 with Gladius Mouse and M801 Keyboard
Asus ROG GR6 with Gladius Mouse and M801 Keyboard

specifications of the console got leaked before the company announced it.

Of late, Asus has become an important company in the PC gaming scenario. They won the best motherboard makers award multiple times and have also started delivering the best routers like never before. Republic of Gamers is an exclusive division which has come up with some amazing peripherals including the mechanical keyboard, the Gladius mouse and now the newer compact console.

Even though, we refer to it as a console, the ASUS ROG GR6 is a PC which is bundled into a compact case allowing you to easily carry it around. Besides, it will also make a great device to be used in the living room as the box looks on par with the style statement made by an Xbox One or PS4 console.

The advantage you gain is that you can customize it like a PC and also play with the convenience of a mouse, keyboard. Asus confirmed that when this one officially launches, there will be amazing discounts on their keyboard, mouse which will allow buyers to go for a complete bundle. Steam games are fully compatible as this console runs on Windows or Linux, as you please!

The specs are almost the same but the graphics card has been changed from the Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M to the latest GTX 750Ti.

Technically, they are the same but the newer card is a bit more powerful and it is powered by an i7 haswell processor on the inside.

Asus ROG GR6 has 2.5” solid state drive and a hard disk drive combined with 802.11 ac, Supreme FX audio and LAN port.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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