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The console developers are churning out more re-masters than ever and Microsoft will soon be joining Sony by releasing a re-mastered edition of Gears of War, their popular exclusive title on Xbox One.

While gamers are complaining about every other day that there are hardly games on the newer consoles, the developers don’t seem to be much worried about it. Sony has pushed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End to 2016 and Nintendo has done the same with their next Zelda game.

60 FPS in Multiplayer

Microsoft is better in the lot because they have managed to announce a release date for Halo 5 Guardians this year, in October. However, that didn’t stop them from releasing a re-mastered game because there is a huge lack of AAA titles. Instead of investing in an all new IP, the companies find themselves at a good place financially to simply rehash old games in 1080p, 60 FPS glory.

The resolution and frame rates are very common among PC gamers for more than a decade. All you need to do is buy the game and your modern day hardware would easily run them at higher frame rates with even 2K resolution or so. There’s hardly a reason to buy the same title again and play it all over again but the developers leave gamers hardly any choice with.

Next Gen Development in Progress

Brink and Dirty Bomb are the developers of the re-mastered edition of Gears of Wars. They are hiring for new people to join their team to help work on a big AAA title and bring it over to the next Gears-of-War-Black-Tuskgen technology.

Some screenshots of the multiplayer version of Gears of War has also been leaked which shows the game runs at 1080p and has 60 FPS in online battles. The visuals has better lighting effects and uses better texture quality than before, because of the improved hardware provided by Xbox One.

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