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If you had the chance to play GTA 5, you could easily associate with what Rocksteady wishes to deliver with Batman Arkham Knight. Players can switch between Robin, Cat Woman, Nightwing and of course, Batman too!

Batman Arkham Knight is probably the last title in the series and the team at Rocksteady is doing a lot to make it extremely special. They have already added the ability to drive a bat mobile which something players love, ever since the games came to Nintendo consoles. And, co-op is definitely an important aspect in the series because Robin is a favorite character for many. The developers focused only on Batman for too long and have finally decided to break the barriers.

Play as Robin and Others

Finally, players can choose to play as Robin. It’s not a full co-op game but it could be! We are not sure because the trailer focuses more on being able to switch between characters. The concept is literally the same as GTA 5 where you could switch between Trevor, Michael and Franklin.

These three characters will be replaced by ones from the Batman universe instead and you can use them according to the gameplay.

Dual Play

Rocksteady likes to call this character switching feature in Batman Arkham Knight as Dual Play. You seamlessly move from one character to another so as to take part in the action accordingly. Besides, the newly launched trailer also shows Scarecrow and Two Face in action.

Because of plenty of gore in the game and the way the game has been presented, it has received a Mature M rating. The title is suitable only for grownups and the developers say they can’t change it at the last moment as it was designed to be one.

Arkham Knight launches on June 23 on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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