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Have you heard of Project Ara? Wouldn’t it be cool if your phone is completely modular and allows you to simply boost your RAM, camera or processor as you do on computers?

Meet Fonkraft, the world’s first modular phone which has managed to achieve it much earlier than Google’s Project Ara.

Completely Modular

The phone is fully customizable and all the parts required are available in the company’s official store. Taking one step at a time, the developers have launched three different phones, but you could always buy the lower end model so as to upgrade it at a later time. That’s the beauty of the modular phones. They don’t have to be thrown away when you need a replacement but you could simply change the hardware to suit your requirement.

Low Priced, Higher Specs

Fonkraft Pilot, Resolution and HiFi are the three new models that have been launched in the market at affordable rates. The Pilot sells at just $99 while the higher end models are at $199. The developers have also posted an official specifications sheet comparing it with iPhone which would cost you $649 but doesn’t have any option to upgrade unless you are ready to pay more money to buy the new model.

Fonekraft Specs

The Fonkraft models have 5-inch 1080p display which is more than enough for all your entertainment and productivity needs. The hardware specifications do vary but it is fully customizable that saves you time and money.

It is expected that they will get more modular accessories in the near future. You could either swap to have a powerful 4100 mAh battery or go with 2100 mAh battery but a bigger camera when you have to click a lot of pictures. It’s all about convenience and customization!

A detailed video has been posted on Youtube to let you know more about it and the pre-orders are now open here.

Fonekraft Pilot Fonekraft Pilot Resolution Fonekraft Pilot HiFi Back Panel

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