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A lot of funny comments come by when you post your photo on a social media profile and sometimes people may say you don’t look so old yet.

If you have received such compliments, then you may have to think twice because Microsoft is now there to break your confidence or maybe boost it. The cloud based storage power of their servers will be displayed in this method where you have to manually upload your photos and it will start predicting your age. The company also apologizes for any mistakes if it happens in the prediction and says that they are still trying to improve the experience in all possible ways.

Find How Old You Are

You can login to the website how-old.net to upload your picture and predict the age. When we tried using multiple pictures, it was always a hit and miss target. Sometimes, the website worked accurately because of the nature of the photo and other times, it just doesn’t meet your requirement easily.

Either ways, this is just a fun tool that a lot of people would consider using. It is actually quite silly to predict your age by simply looking at a picture. Asking a computer to do the job is real bad because sometimes even the highest AI found in humans can’t help deduce a person’s age.

There are also some issues where the cloud servers wrongly detect the gender of the person. It can’t find the difference between a man and a woman. But, we assume that the developers will be working on perfecting the tool so that more people could give it a shot.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is gearing up to launch Windows 10 operating system which is easily the best launch in many years as it changes the way computers look and work. Besides, it brings in Cortana voice assistant to the OS and an all new browser named the Edge.

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