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Games have changed a lot and are now focused more on story than simply allowing players to blow things up. Gone are the days when you shoot everything that moves and the Last of Us is a good example of decent storytelling.

While such narrative gameplay with memorable characters and engaging story was pioneered by many old titles like Call of Duty Modern Warfare among others. But, the Last of Us gained a special place because it was a Playstation exclusive and also had a more realistic setup in a world infected by zombies.

Some just don’t like to watch others play which is when this new cinematic gameplay series on Youtube comes in handy. Everything including the HUD for the game has been removed in this video series where you can watch through all the important scenes and also watch a person play through important levels, but they are professional choreographed at your convenience.

No Distractions

There are no voice overs in here like Pewdiepie and other gamers who talk as they play. Instead, the game is presented completely as a television series with music and dialog from the original game. All you have to do is sit back and watch it one episode after the other. The entire story is revealed with action packed scenes as well as rendered actions from the original game.

For Fans and Newbies Alike

The Last of Us cinematic story uses pure in-game audio and Grant Voegtle, the creator said, “It is an experience that people would want to watch with their family. They don’t have to spend money to buy the game or sit to play through it entirely but just enjoy it as a television series with these videos.”

The walkthrough is available on Youtube right now and the entire series is free on the channel. Check out the trailer and you may soon fall in love as many others did with this Playstation exclusive.

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