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After a lot of delays, Valve has confirmed that the Steam machines are finally ready to be shipped before the end of 2015. Most partners are ready with their boxes and it shouldn’t be long before the pre-orders begin.

Valve came up with this innovative idea where they wanted to bring the convenience and efficiency of using a PC in the living room for gaming. While consoles like Xbox One and PS4 aren’t so bad, they were not designed to let users do as they wish. Microsoft and Sony had a strong hold on them which is what the Steam machines aimed to get rid off.

Partnered Idea

Instead of trying to make their own which could have easily killed the idea as soon as it began, Valve joined multiple partners to help them build the Steam machine. It was easily the best move they could have done. They brought in best computer makers including MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, Alienware among everyone else.

Each one of them had a strong area and they designed a couch PC gaming machine which helped them promote their brand while it was backed by the strong game library that Steam has. Besides, there is big picture mode and the all new controller that helped make turn heads.

Delayed Launch

Delaying a launch isn’t so bad is what players learned in recent times. Most games shipping became half-baked products and had so many bugs that it was confirmed that waiting isn’t so bad after all. The delays were plenty and Alienware launched their own machine without waiting for Steam OS to be ready.

But, after the hiatus, Valve confirmed that Steam Machines are almost ready and will be in the hands of consumers before the end of 2015. The revamped controller with touch pad is appealing and there is also the Linux based Steam OS which could change the world of game or probably steal it from Windows.

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