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Apple has launched a dedicated website which confirms that their first web crawler is official and this news adds up to the rumor that the company might be planning to launch their own search engine.

A web crawler is a bot which is used by popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google which allows the company to find the latest news among other updates on the web. If you are planning to create a website of your own, you have to make sure the design and the programming language used is friendly to these robots. Apple showing interest on these bots spurs rumors that the company might be launching a search engine of their own which could compete with Bing and Google.

Sole Competitor

Google has been enjoying a strong run in the industry for decades now after they became the sole competitor. The company’s rivals including Yahoo and Bing has almost lost to the case because they didn’t deliver what customers expected of them. At this point, if Apple decides to enter the industry by launching a search engine of their own, it could provide to be the competitor that a lot of users are looking forward to.

Being a numero uno player is not good for Google and users alike. Apple didn’t confirm any plans about launching an open search engine through their Apple Web crawler but the appearance of a bot paves way for such obvious rumors.

Apple Bot

At the moment, the web crawler named as the Apple Bot will be strongly focused on delivering content to the company’s own services including Siri, iTunes and other services. It will help them find information about movies, music and content that users need to know about.

Could it possibly be a search engine in the future?

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