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Ubisoft has officially announced the next Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and from the looks of it, the game copies a lot from the newly launched GTA V and the upcoming Batman Arkham Knight.

Games have been quite the same for almost a decade now. It was Call of Duty Modern Warfare which ushered in cinematic storytelling and memorable characters. While Assassin’s Creed franchise was so good in the start with a deep insight into history, it started diluting itself too much in the last few installments.

GTA V dared to be different by introducing multiple characters and the ability to switch between them as you like to. A similar feature is coming to Syndicate but it is a rumor at the moment. A confirmed gameplay aspect is the ability to drive vehicles but in this case it will mostly be horse carts and others available in the Victorian era.

Zipline to Buildings

Gone are the days when you have to manually climb each building, scaling heights with acrobatic skills. Players may not have the patience to do it, Ubisoft thinks so which is why they have used the Batman Arkham Knight styled zipline functionality.

You can instantly choose to shoot your arrow and reach ledges and even tall towers with a few shots. It’s as simple as that. Instead of being original, the game copies a lot from two popular franchises but if it is good in the good, we will be more than happy.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate comes to PS4 and Xbox One in October while the PC version is set for a Holiday 2015 launch.

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