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Microsoft has confirmed that their new Windows 10 operating system will get launched on July 29. It is a major upgrade since Windows 7 and Windows 8 with a lot of new features including the ability to use metro apps within the desktop.

When Microsoft decided to ditch the traditional start menu and create a metro window, people were really annoyed with it. They loved the desktop because it is much more productive and touch screens are never common on a PC. It was only for tablets and laptops. Now, the company likes to convince with a video that highlights all the amazing features. It also showcases how it is still the same desktop that you have come to love over the years.

Internet Explorer is officially dead and Edge is the new browser that is going to take its place. It is fast, fluid and supports touch screen functionality with the ability to mark stuff on web pages without difficulty.

For users who already run Windows 7 and 8.1 OS, Windows 10 is completely free to download. All you have to do is sign up for an update and the developer will let you download the operating system once it becomes available on July 29. You can later choose to install it immediately or wait for the right time to back up your files before you do so.

Some familiar features will be removed in the operating system like the Windows media player but there aren’t any that you will miss too much. The new Start Menu however looks appealing. Check out the video to know what the company has up its sleeve.

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