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The most happening gadget at the moment is the Apple watch that has took the market by storm and consumers, despite criticism, love it because it is innovative just like how the iPhone fascinated everyone. As it is a relatively new product, if you find yourself fumbling to understand many of its productive features, know that you are not alone. These apple watch tips will help you get the most of the gadget that you have just purchased and will make your life more fun filled than ever!

  1. How to make a call with apple watch
  • Making a call on your Apple watch can be done through different methods. You can place a call by commanding the voice assistant Siri, using the phone app or the friends app.
  • Touch the phone app to open your list of contacts.
  • Choose your contact from the most recent list, contacts or from your favorite collection.
  • Tap the name and the call will be placed using the cellular network on your iPhone.
  • The process is similar for Siri. Say ‘Hey Siri’ to activate the assistant. Hold the digital crown before speaking the name of the person you like to call and it will be placed.
  • The side buttons helps you open the friends app and you could use the crown to scroll between names to find the right person.
  1. How to send & response messages
  • As soon as you receive a message, it will pop up with a reply button below it.
  • Click on the reply button.
  • The watch will suggest a couple of template response from which you can choose one or you can even pick an emoji to send.
  • To create your own message, click on the message app and speak into the microphone so that the watch could convert it into text for you.
  1. How to take a screenshot
  • Choose the app of which you need to take a screenshot. It could be the clock face, a message, notification icon or a new app.
  • Click on the digital crown and hold it. Now press the side button once and a screenshot will be saved for you to share or archive.
  • Screenshots captured on the watch will also be available on your iPhone. You can choose to share it on social media or send it to friends.

apple watch wrist

  1. How to check & listen voicemail
  • Click on the phone app and find the option named voice mail. Tap the icon to open it.
  • A list of available mails will be displayed.
  • Tap on it to listen to the one that you need to.
  • You can also use the on-screen menu to pause, forward or rewind the messages as required. Any voice message that you receive when the watch is active will automatically start playing.
  1. How to check the calendar
  • Tap to open the calendar app on your home screen. If you are in another app, press the digital crown which acts like your home button.
  • Click on the calendar app to display all scheduled events. Tapping today will allow you to change it to a monthly view. Long press on ‘Today’ to bring more view options.
  1. How to launch app with Siri
  • Bring your wrist to the front so that your voice commands could be clearly interpreted by Siri.
  • Say ‘Hey Siri, open calendar app’ and it will open the app. Just say the respective name of the app and the voice assistant will open it for you.


  1. How to mute your apple watch
  • Click and hold the digital crown to go the watch face.
  • Swipe up or down until you find the settings panel. Tap on it.
  • Find the mute button and tap it, to mute your Apple watch.
  1. How to set up Apple Pay
  • Add your credit card through iTunes and it will automatically be synced with your watch through the payment system.
  • Double click on the digital crown and when you to show it to a cardless payment system, it will automatically acquire the device account number to complete the payment.
  • Pay easy with these apple watch tricks without using real cards.
  1. How to sync music to apple watch
  • Before you start syncing music with your Apple watch, make sure it is connected to the charger and is being charged.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone.
  • Use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to select My watch – Music – Synced playlist.
  • Click on the playlist and it will start syncing with your watch. Wait for the sync to finish. You can track it using the progress bar. Enjoy your favorite music with these apple watch tips.
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
  1. How to take photos on apple watch
  • Start by opening the camera app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the remote camera app on your Apple watch.
  • You will be able to see your iPhone’s lens view through your watch. It comes in handy if you are snapping a picture using a tripod or even a selfie stick.
  • Position it accordingly before you snap a picture.
  1. Ping your iPhone with apple watch
  • If you are on the watch face, swipe to find the Glances interface.
  • Keep moving until you find the ‘Settings’ option on your watch.
  • Within the settings, tap the ‘Ping’ button. Your iPhone will automatically receive the signal form the watch and create a high pitched noise that makes it easier to find it.
  • It’s a useful feature for most individuals who misplace their phones.
  1. How to measure heart rate
  • You can find the heart rate monitor in the ‘Glances’.
  • Swipe left or right until you find the ‘Heart Rate Glance’.
  • The heart rate monitor will also be found within the workout app. While working out, you can swipe to the side and it will show your current heart rate.

The Apple Watch can perform a whole lot of other functions as well but the ones mentioned above are some of the best and most productive features that you should know. More news apps are coming to the watch designed to make it more fun, productive and informative. You can enjoy social media updates, make calls, messages and be reminded by Siri. With such Apple watch tricks, you can make the most of your watch!

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