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Samsung has upped the bar by launching SSDs with 2 terabytes of space and it might probably be the beginning of solid state drives becoming viable as a storage drive.

Ever since their launch, SSDs are secluded as the geeks way of running an operating system and because of their high cost, they were never an option to be used in every day computing as one does with a conventional hard drive. Besides, there were only 512 GB and 1 TB versions available with high price tags.

The newly launched Samsung 850 PRO and 850 EVO models with 2 TB of space is definitely not going to be cheap but they will make the lower end drives cheaper. Both of them use the vertical NAND flash chip that makes it possible to integrate so much of disk space into tiny plates.

They are covered in the usual 2.5-inch within which an amazing technology is enclosed. There are 128 pieces of those NAND chips which lead to the total of 2 TB and their speed is rendered by the 4 Gb LPDDR3 DRAM chips.

Samsung adds that the speed may not be evident in daily computing but if you watch 4K videos every day, render them or use system heavy editing applications, the speed will be visible every second you access a feature. The 850 Pro has over 10 years of life while the 850 EVO has 5 years, up to 150 terabytes written.

The mSATA and M.2 thin, high storage SSDs from Samsung will soon make its way to gaming laptops as well as computers, confirmed the official statement from the company.

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