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Microsoft has recently been making a lot of decisions, some of them good and many of them bad. One of the worst ideas they have proposed is to make Windows 10 the last huge operating system launch and make it into a service only model in the future.

They will no longer launch Windows 11 or 12, there will be no more DVD editions and no major upgrade. Instead, service packs will continue to roll out and people are probably expected to pay a yearly subscription cost to keep using the always online operating system. Why would it never succeed?

Major Upgrades Need New OS

Whenever a major upgrade comes in, like the touch screen friendly Metro UI and the aero peek in Windows 7, it is mandatory to launch a new operating system. Simply rolling out an update would never ever work. It will spoil user experience and lead to a redundant OS running on most machines.

Linux is Fast Catching Up

Microsoft might lose the battle if Windows 10 is made a service based subscription because people hardly have a reason to pay for it when free Linux is rapidly growing. For basic computing and even gaming supported by Steam, Ubuntu among other Linux versions are much better option.

Changing Hardware

Intel is already trying to make processors smaller, Nvidia, AMD is busy at making 8 GB graphic cards and DDR4 RAM is already here. To support a wide range of hardware, Microsoft has to release a full OS because an update would never bring the much needed change.

Windows XP was the first best platform from Microsoft that saw a major overhaul in Windows 7 and then in Windows 8. Now, if they like to keep people using their operating system, a drastic change into the future is mandatory from time to time. Not just patches and updates!

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