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Once upon a time or at least until these two research came up with a firmware worm for the Macintosh, it used to be much safer than Windows PCs.

People had a general notion that spyware, malware and every other ware can easily gain access to a computer or even Linux machines. But, most Mac users and even those who have never used it would argue that Macintosh is completely safe.

While Apple’s Mac is bit secure, the security experts have found specific vulnerabilities in the system using which a hacker could place a worm in the firmware. Unlike malware or spyware, this one directly takes control of your computers operating system.

It doesn’t go anywhere even after updating the OS or other firmware updates. The worm may either choose to deny access or overwrite it to pass over to the new firmware. It can also transfer from one Macbook to another without the need of a network. Security scanners can never detect them.

The only way to get rid of it is to open the Mac and use electrical methods to reprogram the chip which is other words is re-flashing, a method typically inaccessible for every user. Such sophisticated attacks have already been developed by NSA according to Snowden but they just won’t reveal it to us, yet.

Check out the video below to know how the Thunderstrike 2 firmworm works to take control of your Mac.

Source – Wired

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