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Lexus is a luxury car manufacturer and no one expected them to make a hoverboard, but they did. The company awed the world with its product that floats on air.

Many experts opined that it is physically impossible to create such a product so early but the Lexus hoverboard proved them wrong. The demo video performed by a group of professionals including Pro Skater Ross McGouran is simply exhilarating to watch and confirms that the future is here.

It was supposed to land on August 5th and right on its launch date, the company has created a new video that explains how the board actually works!

Slide hoverboard is powered by two cryostat reservoirs which are immersed in liquid nitrogen and are kept at 197 degrees. Besides, the track that which was featured in the video was filled with magnets. Over 200 meters of the track are magnetic and it was specially setup in Barcelona to demo the Slide.

The exact magnetic field has already been frozen with the super conductors which allows the hoverboard to actually hover without hitting the floor and even the water. A lot of technical features go into the product before such a futuristic board could be created. The explanation video is five minutes long which will give you an idea how the Lexus Slide works.

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