New Expansion Packs Couldn’t Save World of Warcraft from Ageing

World of Warcraft Legion

Written by Ashwin Ashokan

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  • Mectrid

    Please, please, please do not write articles about a game in a negative light when you had to include this: According to Forbes, Warcraft combines subscription model and individual cost for the base game as well as the expansion pack.

    If you didn’t know that very basic information about the game and it’s subscription without Forbes help then you can say nothing about the game and have merit. Look at other MMO’s with and without subscription cost, look how many you have to pay for expansions and also look at how many are over 10 years old, then find another with over 5 million players.

    Blizzard aren’t moving their attention to other titles, they’re simply increasing their employee count, they added a bunch of new developers for World of Warcraft part way through the most recent expansion’s development (albeit whilst causing a few hiccups) but no one simply gets moved off of WoW to another game without someone taking over their role.

    Also the following sentence makes no sense: However, it is high time for World of Warcraft which looks extremely outdated by now and expansion packs just can’t save it any more.

    Please stop articles of this quality from being released on this website, a spell and grammar check would have done it some justice but the content itself is extremely uninformed.

    • uashwinp

      Hi there,

      Glad to see your constructive criticism. We will definitely ensure that the articles are of good quality in our website.

      Regarding the content’s perspective and tone, majority of gamers in our team believed that World of Warcraft is getting old. But, Blizzard is not going to give up with WoW especially with so many gamers on board.

      If you enjoy the game, nothing wrong about. There are many who love the title and support it, as you do. We just want game developers to stop milking the same franchise repeatedly. If they could create new AAA titles, RPGs and MMORPGs that don’t suck money in the name of microtransactions or subscriptions, we will be really happy.

      That’s all!

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