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Steam is such a huge digital game distribution platform for PC gamers but a recent statistics revealed by Steam Spy claims majority of gamers play titles created by Valve.

The developer of Steam Spy, a statistical tool, Sergey Galyonkin found in his results that the top three games that players favor on the Steam platform are Dota 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2.

Earlier, Dota 2 witnessed the biggest feat with 1 million concurrent players online. Global Offensive falls in the second place with over 600,000 while Team Fortress 2 is in the third place. However, the person who created the tool confirmed that this statistics is not completely accurate.

“Players vote for multiple games at once and play them taking turns. So, it is really impossible to come up with accurate results. The voting has at least 0.1% margin error which you should take into account when reading the stats,” Galyonkin said.

This would definitely provoke a lot of console gamers who claim that Steam is never related to PC gaming because it is often used by people for playing old titles and never AAA games. Console fans also claim that the PCs are really old gen and not on par with Xbox One or PS4 except for few enthusiastic builds.

The statistical data collected by Steam Spy somewhat proves this point but we just can’t conclude based on one study, can we?

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