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Before you decide to buy the new Samsung SSD with 16 TB storage, know that it is going to cost a fortune because solid state drives are yet to become cheap for the consumer market.

However, the speed that it offers is simply unparalleled and most gamers, professionals use it as their primary disk with their operating system on it. The most popular variants in the market are 120 GB, 250 GB and 500 GB while anything higher than that is considered server class.

Samsung for the first time in history has smashed all records by launching a flash memory drive with a massive storage space of 16 terabytes. That’s a lot of space and even surpasses the conventional magnetic drives that clock at a maximum of 10 to 12 TB.

Samsung 16 TB SSD
The manufacturer has been using the 256 gigabit NAND flash die technology using which they stack memory sticks on top of each other to save space and increase storage capability at once. The conventional method is to lay them flat but the 3D tech allows flash chips to be stacked on top of each other in a vertical manner.

On an average, consumer grade SSDs have just 90,000 input/output operations whereas the one made by Samsung provides up to 2 million made possible by 48 chips mounted on a single server. The official cost is not out yet but it will easily cost you an arm and a leg (read $5000 or above here).

This could at least pave way for smaller SSDs to cost less so that people could switch to it from magnetic drives that tend to fail at the most unexpected moment.


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