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If you are a gamer and an avid Youtuber, you probably would have watched Angry Video Game Nerd, the guy who reviews retro games and the annoying peripherals for NES.

Seeing the newly launched plastic keyboard case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5, we just can’t help but feel reminded of those annoying plastics that companies tried to sell in the past. The cost of this almost dumb plastic is $80 which is a huge sum to pay.

But, the company promised that when it attach it to your touchscreen, you will be able to type as you do on the Blackberry. Alas! It’s nowhere near the amazing, curved keys on Blackberry phones because they were actual keys with tactile feedback.

Instead, this one is a plastic that presses the actual key on the touchscreen and the responsive is simply annoying. Try typing a couple of words and you will end up with many of them being wrong.

That said, such gimmicks would never work because capacitive touchscreens are not designed for such. They may work good with a stylus but not this! The keyboard has a gap in between which makes things even worse. You could better save your $80 and buy something else.


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