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The problem might seem obvious because the modular phones made by Project Ara is a smartphone comprised of multiple modules attached together.

It offers a great level of convenience using which users can easily swap the camera, memory or battery based on their requirement of the day. If you are going to a party, just swap a 20 megapixel camera in and enjoy taking professional photographs. For a long trip, the 3000 mAh battery module will be handy to ensure it doesn’t run out.

While it sounds fun on paper, the team came across a problem that delayed the project to 2016. When dropped to the ground, the modules in the Project Ara phones just fall apart because the electromagnets holding them together are not powerful enough.

The team confirmed the news in their official Twitter post and added that they are going to come up with a signature experience, probably a better way to attach the modules than the existing electropermanent magnets.

Modular phones are great and can finally get rid of the hassles of buying a new phone every year. So, it doesn’t hurt to wait another year to get your hands on one, right?

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