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There are so many reasons that one could state to justify why 4K televisions aren’t mainstream yet including the fact that it is expensive and doesn’t have enough content to display.

The IFA trade show held at Berlin was one of the best in recent times where a lot of new technology was revealed for the first time, including some for the 4K televisions that are struggling to survive in the market.

It’s not surprising because when 1080p HD televisions and monitors came in, they were ridiculously expensive with no content to play except for blurays. Now, times have changed and you can watch 1080p on phone screens, play games and there’s tons of youtube videos made in this resolution. The same will happen to UHD or ultra-high definition in the near future.

HDR Feature

During the trade show, major manufacturers announced that they are going to upgrade 4K televisions with HDR or high dynamic range. The feature is popular among users of flagship smartphones. They help minimize the haze in images by adding deeper colors to the images. A similar tech on televisions will allow viewers to enjoy deep blacks, strong whites and colorful other colors!

It was more like calling people to buy some toys for their kids or new clothes because the vendors were talking about colors all the time. With the haze removed off the screen, 4K content will look deeper than ever giving you the immersive experience you love. Sony, Panasonic, LG, Samsung are all going to launch televisions with HDR in the coming months. So, look for it when you buy one.

Bluray Player

UHD Bluray Players

No television is complete without a proper player and the manufacturers promise UHD bluray players could enhance traditional 1080p discs to high definition 4K displays. While lack of content at this high resolution is evident, this is a welcome grace for the time being before discs are shipped with full UHD content on it.

If you are planning on gaming in this incredibly high resolution screen, prepare to burn your wallet and buy two GTX 980tis and you may still have lower frame rates. These assumptions are being made assuming that you are a PC Gamer, of course!

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