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It has been nearly two years since GTA 5 first launched on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. After keeping players on their knees, Rockstar finally launched the game on PS4, Xbox One and lastly on PC.

By now, players have spent enough time in exploring the amazing city of Los Santos and enjoying GTA Online to the fullest. When the game was about to obsolete and the waiting game for GTA 6 was about to start, Rockstar has revived the online modes with a brand new addition named “Freemode Events”

Two New Game Modes

While the developers have officially confirmed two new game modes as part of the Freemode Events, they added that more will be coming in the near future.

King of the Castle – As the name suggests, one of the player has to capture a castle and everyone else will try to kill him to push him out of the throne. This could possibly be the iron throne from the “Game of Thrones” that could get every new king killed in minutes.

Hunt the Beast – The mode changes a player into a powerful beast, which Rockstar didn’t explain further. The beast has to escape from other pursuers who will try to kill and take it down so as to score points.

Hunting Pack – This part of the adversary mode. The mode is the same as the movie “Speed”. One of the player will be driving a vehicle which has a bomb that explodes if they go down the minimum suggested speed. Other players will slow him down by ramming into the vehicle before he reaches the drop point.

Cross the Line – Another adversary mode in GTA 5 where heavily armed squads have to gain access to enemy territory but using strategic methods than going on all out warfare. Once they all pass through, they can claim victory.

GTA 5 players should come back to GTA Online to enjoy these freemode events on September 15th. It’s good to see Rockstar not selling DLCs and season passes but add more value to those who have already paid the sum to purchase the game.

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