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Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2 are Valve made games. GTA V was the only third party title by Rockstar that beat the maximum number of concurrent users’ record on Steam. But, Fallout 4 beats it to reach an all-time record.

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is one of the most hyped titles of all time and was in production for nearly seven years since the last launch. It was kept as a secret until the developers made it official. True to the expectation, the game had a grand opening on Steam. As soon as it got released, the number of concurrent users touched 290,000 which is a huge sum considering the fact that it is a single player title, not multiplayer like Dota 2 or CS GO.

According to latest reports, the numbers peaked much higher. The total number of users who played Fallout 4 is at 445,546 on its launch date. Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar games set a new record in the month of April when it got launched on PC after a whole year’s delay. The game witnessed 300,000 players at once logging on to Valve’s platform to experience it and it opened to extremely positive reviews.Fallout 4 Steam List
Similarly, Fallout 4 has received mostly positive reviews and is going on a groundbreaking run. Bethesda made title Skyrim had 280,000 Steam users in the year 2011 which has nearly doubled in 2015.

Official reports from Steam confirmed that their in-house title Global Offensive had 820,000 players at one time while Dota 2 had 1.26 million players. While it is impossible to beat these mammoth records set by Valve games, especially because they are long standing multiplayer titles that have more opportunities to create records, Fallout 4 has set a new benchmark by bringing nearly half-a-million players onboard.

Bugs and Bethesda are next door neighbors which was evident with Fallout 4 as well. While the game has received best ratings from critics and gamers, most players opine it may take a whole year before the developers would completely fix the bugs in it to make it readily playable. Third party developers could continue breaking records but we are sure that if Valve brings Half Life 3 in one day, it might probably have millions of concurrent users setting a permanent record on Steam.

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