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The battle of PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC rages on ever since the next gen consoles got launched. While Fallout 4 is definitely not a benchmark title like Crysis, we decided to skip these master race/peasants war and focus solely on computers for a change.

Purchasing a $150 graphics is much easier when compared to opting for a GTX 970 or a much higher model. However, the absolute goal is to be able to play AAA titles and new launches without compromising too much on graphics. Frame rates matter as well but when you intend to spend less on your initial investment, you do have to compromise right?

Everyone knows that mid-range and high-end gaming PCs are not the same. But, our folks at Digital Foundry who specialize in frame rate testing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One has come up with a detailed overview of all the top graphic cards available in the market.

Right from the cheapest Nvidia GTX 750Ti to the insanely expensive GTX 980Ti and the AMD R9 Fury X, they have tested them all on just one game – Fallout 4.

The Bethesda title can hardly boast of graphical fidelity because it is easily five years old and primitive when compared to modern day titles but it’s open world and RPG elements are the ones that help it stand apart. So, here’s three amazing videos that compare a bunch of graphic cards.

The cheapest variants give you 30 FPS or lower as expected while the expensive cards give almost 60 FPS but falters because the game engine isn’t perfect besides dozens of bugs that plague it. Nevertheless, no one is going to skip Fallout 4. In the end, we can comfortably say from these comparison videos that you can play the game by comprising a bit on graphics and frame rates, irrespective of the GFX you own (unless it is over 5 years old already!) – be it Nvidia or AMD’s.

Mid-Range GFX

High-End GFX

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