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According to Microsoft, Xbox One has sold a lot during Black Friday sales because they brought down the price and made it $300 which paved way for the console to attract a lot of buyers. The holidays inspired Sony to do the same and bring down the price of their console.

This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals were mostly focused on gaming according to statistical reports. Gadgets like tablets are run-of-the-mill stuff which is more redundant than ever and it pushed people to focus on gaming, even those who have never owned a console before.

Besides, Microsoft added that the decreased price tag of the console and the fact that majority of Xbox 360 owners are yet to buy their next gen console made this year totally popular. After all, there are plenty of titles to play now, many of them on discounts and the new hardware is more affordable than ever.

They added that Sony’s Playstation 4 console has sold equally well during the sale. In other words, both next gen consoles have seen an amazing adoption rate because of newer titles and better deals.

The year is coming to a close and it is high time to switch to the next gen console. In other news, there are rumors that the Playstation 5 and new Xbox console will be out much earlier because the life of the consoles is declining at a rapid pace.

Despite being out for years now, the Xbox One and PS4 lacks first party exclusives and other games. While there are few good ones, in the past few years, all gamers had were rehashed games in full 1080p HD rather than new ones. There is no new God of War or Uncharted yet. Microsoft launched Halo 5 Guardians but that’s the only one they could boast off as they missed to bring out a Gears of War.

While we can’t deny the fact that PCs are getting a whole lot of good titles which are getting cheaper, they are equally buggy. Batman Arkham Knight is an example and there are plenty others. Gaming is spiraling downwards despite the amazing holiday sales which should change at least in 2016.

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