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Nintendo is entering the multi-billion dollar mobile gaming industry for the first time. Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind the epic franchise launched Super Mario Run and had some interesting insights to share about his association with the game.

“I keep making games because people love games and play them till date. And, what keeps it ticking is the fact that technology evolves at a rapid pace. The concept works well when you find a spot to mix them both to deliver something new and interesting,” Miyamoto opened his conversation on a positive note and how he loved evolving with the times.

The transition to move from traditional Nintendo console to an iPhone took much longer than expected. The original iPhone was launched in 2007 and they could have been in the mobile gaming scenario earlier. But, Miyamoto clarified that they have always been a first party platform because it offered the necessary power and flexibility to make the best game. The latest phone from Apple is powerful enough to bring their dream to reality. “Besides, we have been thinking of this one button game for a long time and the latest technology enabled us to get onboard,” he added.


Technology has come a long way but according to Shigeru Miyamoto, “Technology and graphics was much simpler during the 8-bit era. Our team consisted of just five people which allowed us to focus entirely on the gameplay. There were no distractions or large teams. Things are different now and even the smallest game requires a team of 30. I don’t know who’s responsible for which part of the game and the process gets bit tough than it used to be in a close knit group.”

During the long interview, Miyamoto also shared how the world of Mario evolved and the story behind the princess and the growing mushrooms. It was all a spark that became history today. The popularity of Mickey Mouse that spanned through decades inspired him to continue the franchise to make Super Mario Run so that the plumber continues to stay relevant to the current generation. A detailed interview of the man behind Nintendo’s phenomenal success is on Touch Arcade, in case you don’t mind spending minutes on long reads.


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