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Introducing the new Apple 4K TV is no big deal because Chromecast Ultra, Roku 4K and every other competitor is at it too. But, reducing the pricing and making it competitive is what customers want to see to make 4K viewing accessible and affordable.

Surprisingly, Apple becomes the first company to take a huge leap and make Ultra HD viewing cheaper than ever. If you have already purchased a huge library of 1080p movies on iTunes, they will all be available for instant viewing without spending a dime. 4K/HDR content is being provided for free expanding the collection like never before. It doesn’t end there because the company provides cheap rates for buying or renting new films as well sweetening the deal and winning over the competition with hands down.


In comparison, Vudu charges an exorbitant $25 to $30 to get a 4K movie. It’s very expensive and the more service providers push customers, the harder it will be for them to sell UHD content. Mass adoption happens only when it is cheap and easy to buy, like Spotify and Netflix. On Apple TV 4K it will be just $20 at the max while older movies will be priced at $15 which is almost on par with their 1080p counterparts.

Digital sales are growing at a pace like never before and even though serious movie buffs want to stack up 4K bluray discs, it’s more of a dying breed than paying a subscription to access them. Netflix and Amazon are already doing it but Apple’s approach seems much better because it will not only gain them more customers but also force people like Vudu to reduce their pricing.

Hollywood’s support in making the highest resolution in this era affordable is essential. Some great films like Logan, Wonderwoman and live sports streaming in 4K are being marketed as the high points of Apple 4K TV which costs $199 for the 64GB edition, $179 for the 32GB edition.

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