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Avast is the company that any PC user would instantly associate with antivirus software programs. The popular brand purchased CCleaner, the optimization software by Piriform a year ago.

According to their own data, CC Cleaner has over 2 billion users around the globe and it records at least 5 million downloads every week. Based on the newest note from the developers, it looks like over 20 million users got infected within a month’s time.

The malware was distributed in the 32-bit version of CCleaner version 5.33.6162. The said virus was somehow added into the original installer and prompted users to install it. It was legally distributed through official servers without the knowledge of Piriform or Avast. The malware is capable of collecting data including a PC’s name, IP address, Windows software installed and MAC addresses of network adapters.

The threat was first identified by Cisco Talos and the developers instantly stopped CCleaner from automatically rolling out new updates to existing users. Considering the huge number of users who got infected by the malware, it might take a while for the developers to fix it and remove traces of malware from every PC. The security leak is expected to affect the brand’s image on a high level because it was one of the trusted software programs people relied on for years.

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