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In an event held in San Francisco today, Nest Secure was announced by the home security system company. The modular product is definitely an expensive choice for most as it costs $499 for the bundle and you may have to pay a lot more for bigger houses.

The modular system consists of three different parts, the Nest Guard is the center piece around which the additional components communicate with. It has a key pad so as to input your security key and should be placed at your main door. A secondary component named Nest Direct which should be placed in multiple points in your home.

Any person who enters the home should enter the key code on the Guard so that the alarm doesn’t trigger. When they don’t do so, it will instantly open a loud siren and also send a warning notification to your smartphone. The Nest Guard is where users create their security code and it has motion sensor to detect a person’s movement. The center console also connects with the Nest mobile app so that you can know what’s going on.

nest-secure-lifestyle-1-gadgetsngamingHow it works?

The system allows you to setup a couple of seconds before one has to disarm it when they enter your home. It is applicable for everyone and when you enter your house, you have to disarm it using the connected phone app, or use the Nest Tags to turn off the NFC or manually enter the keycode on the Guard console.

Nest Tags are additional components that kids and people who temporarily access your home can use. These tags disarm the alarm for a couple of hours as specified by you and will rearm automatically. There’s also this thing called Nest Detect which has to be placed on all your windows and doors.

These tags are supposed to be placed on both ends of a window or door which creates a magnetic field. When the field is disrupted, the alarm is triggered. Many useful and temporary disarming features are also provided in the Nest Secure setup including backup batteries, automatic transfer to cellular internet when Wifi goes down and so on.

The Nest Secure costs $499 which is a secure starter pack. It includes the Guard, two Detect tags and two Tags for your doors. The Nest Detect individually costs $59 while Nest Tags costs $25 a piece. The company launched a couple of other security products as well during the event.


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