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Sony is working over time to make sure they bring the PS VR 2 to the market in time. The rumored improvements to the virtual reality headset sounds promising as it gets built-in earphones as well as support for HDR.

The original Playstation VR headset was launched a year ago. If the PS4 console cost $300, the VR mount cost nearly the same on launch day making it very expensive and luxurious to one. However, there’s one good thing though. Sony didn’t abandon the ship and continued to launch a lot of VR games that kept the device active through the year. They are now going to fix some of the issues to make PS VR 2 much better.

Fixing PS VR Issues

One of the prominent problems is getting fixed in PS VR 2 is that it will be integrated with an earphone. Previously, players have to plug in a headphone into the remote control unit for them to listen to in-game sounds. It has been fixed and the new one also supports HDR. The older edition wouldn’t work if you connect it to a 4K HDR supported TV which was pretty annoying. The size of the new cable is expected to be slimmer, with less hassle and more intuitive design.

Fallout 4 VR is Free

Fallout 4 VR has gone free on PS VR competitor HTC Vive which works with gaming PCs. The game launches on December 12th this year and when it does, the codes to download it for free when you buy a Vive will be provided by HTC, which is now owned by Google. The VR headset should be purchased directly from the official website or through from an official retailer or Steam to avail this free offer.



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