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For ardent Overwatch fans, it’s great news that Blizzard has decided to launch a new support hero named Moira and a brand new Blizzard World map for intense shooting sessions.

Whenever Blizzcon 2017 happens, there is bound to witness a lot of announcements. This year, the publishers made Starcraft II free to play for all gamers and added two new heroes for Heroes of the Storm, the Dota 2 & League of Legends competitor.

For Overwatch, the team brings Moira who is quite capable and somewhat annoying because with her powers, she can steal health from her enemies so that it can be shared with her teammates. Such support heroes often change the game like no other especially when they not only heal but drain health as well.

Moira can also teleport to short distances and her ultimate allows hero to heal, damage friends or foes who are all in the line of her ulti. However, finding them all in the same line is next to impossible and it requires great timing to pull it off successfully possibly when your teammates are engaged in intense combat.

Blizzard World – New Map

Blizzard World is an amusement theme park based on the company’s proprietary content which they have converted into a map for Overwatch. It looks fun, flawless and also has different objectives for each team to keep things engaging till the end of a round. The trailer should give you a good idea and also make sure you don’t miss the amazing short film released for Reinhardt.

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