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Samsung has released a brand new advertisement for Apple iPhone X or that’s how it should be referred to because the entire video has lots of iPhones to describe how inferior the product is ever since it got launched back in 2007.

Titled as Samsung Galaxy Growing Up, the video acts as a story timeline of a young guy who purchases his first iPhone in 2007 but soon finds that it doesn’t have enough storage space for his daily usage. Later, it lacks important features like being fully water resistant and not supporting wireless charging.

Finally, the ad comes to an end showcasing the iPhone X which doesn’t support a stylus, has no 3.5mm audio jack and comes with an annoying dongle bundled within the case. The Samsung ad claims that users should grow up to get a Galaxy Note 8 which supports all of the above and continues to move forward rather than backward as to how Apple has been treating their customers.

As expected, Apple fanboys are very annoyed by the new Samsung ad and has been poking fun by suggesting that at least they could take their phones on an airplane and it doesn’t explode! The ad indirectly promotes Apple iPhones even though it was designed for Samsung and tries to convince everyone that their Android phone is the best, which it is in many wars considering the new $1000 iPhone X that imposes change on a whole new level with Face ID and lack of many ports.

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