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In India, Alexa is into existence for the past two years. India being an diversified nation, it had various language speaking people. Whereas, Alexa was designed to speak only in English, which would put the remaining population under discourage.

India holds a population of 1.3 billion out of which only 10% of people knew English. Now the technology needs a change.

In a recent press release at new Delhi, Amazon declared that Alexa will now support Hindi. The eCommerce giant mentioned it to be a step towards expanding the territories across the nation. They also stated that, “the works to expand took over a year!”

How has Alexa changed?

After the declaration, Alexa is now able to respond in Hindi to its users just as in English. This feature of responding in Hindi can be achieved by updating Alexa’s software. At present, it is expected that Alexa will be able to respond only through voice type.

Maybe in the future, the giant would plan its device to respond in multilingual households. This initiative would help the device to respond and interact with the family members in their preferred language.

The company has seen immense growth in the usage of the language on the app since its announcement last year. It is also said that Alexa was able to identify a few Hinglish words, a combination of English and Hindi. It was also witnessed that the app had 6 times better interaction than ever.


The announcement rolled out today after months as Amazon wanted its developers to work on the skills of Alexa that it may respond to the most local languages used in India. Prasad, Amazon executive said, “More than 500 Skills on the store already support Hindi.”

While, Amazon declares, “The company offers almost 30,000 skills for its Alexa customers in India.” The voice assistance is now expected to be available on Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Sony, iBall, LG and many other manufacturers as well.  

According to Google’s report, almost 75% of India’s language is expected to contribute to India’s internet user base by 2021.

Wrap up:

The trend for voice searches has arisen long back, making it flexible for multilingual would be a new trendsetter. However, bringing it into force would improve to 270% year-by-year says analysis.

This year would definitely bring in a great deal for companies that work on voice searches or voice queries. Alexa has eventually started the game and would improvise on the same in days to come. But it would definitely be a competition for the others to withstand the demand on voice searches.

Let us watch how Alexa responds to the new language skill added this year. Did the post help you anyway? Do not hesitate to let me know with your valuable comments.

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