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Batman Arkham trilogy is the best ever Batman titles made by Rocksteady whereas Rockstar made GTA San Andreas a long time ago. Yet, when you can get both these titles for free makes a lot of sense because you are not going to spend anything (because you already spent at least $1500 for your gaming PC right?)

There is a catch though because the biggest issue these days is that there are too many game launchers for each specific title that just continues to grow in numbers. Origin launches Battlefield and other EA games while you can’t play Assassin’s Creed without installing UPlay launcher.

New Launchers, So Free Games

Epic wants to promote their existing game launcher that is under a lot of controversy for their exclusivity these days. However, if you don’t want to worry about all this and just make use of the offer, there are at least six games right now in the Batman Arkham and Lego series to be acquired for free.

The Arkham trilogy including the latest Batman Arkham Knight is being given for free on the Epic game launcher while they will also be giving out Metro 2033 Redux for free next week. If you have just recently built your gaming PC or in the past year, you can instantly build your collection by making use of these timely offers.

Rockstar is Going Solo

Red Dead Redemption II on PC is the biggest rumor but as always Rockstar keeps a tight lip on this matter. They have launched a new Rockstar game launcher to play GTA V and all other previous titles released by the developer.

In order to commemorate the event, they are giving out copies of GTA San Andreas for free. The game definitely shows its age but for a pure nostalgic feel, you can grab and check out the game. It should be right on the charts for a simple weekend getaway or to revisit those titles that are over a decade old now.

Modern Warfare is Coming Back

The week seems to be full of nostalgia because there is not only San Andreas coming back but Call of Duty Modern Warfare is getting launched next month. Activision is offering a free open beta for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers this weekend. In case, you like to make sure your PC specifications can handle the game’s requirements you can check it out in the beta before choosing to purchase the game.

Modern Warfare offers the best multiplayer experience in the Call of Duty series right next to Black Ops games and it’s comeback is definitely a welcome addition to the PC community’s multiplayer line-up currently available. Gears of War 5 is also available for just $1 on Xbox Game Pass on PC beta. It is definitely a great time to be a PC gamer or maybe you can join the PC Master Race bandwagon at this point.

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