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Social media is getting pretty stressful as everyone goes online to see how many likes their posts received. Facebook is finally taking a step towards removing the like button and the first implementation will be to remove the count that shows total number of likes each post received.

The Facebook-owned company Instagram has already been working on a similar feature that will hide the public from viewing the total number of likes on a post. However, the author who posted it will still be able to see it and customize their posts accordingly.

From the perspective of the audience, this move will reduce influential likes that a post may receive because a thousand people already liked it. Besides, when everyone views the total likes, it leads to social media wars where people login repeatedly simply to help a post receive the most likes.

The total number of comments each post on Facebook receives will still be retained for now. With lots of issues going on around social media sharing and how stressful things could become at times, it is not surprising to see FB take some steps to ensure they don’t fall into legal issues yet again.

The average person may also lead a better life if they are no longer stressed out to support a celebrity or keep track of likes count on a post someone they know or like shared. These are all paving way for a future where social media websites will eventually turn into news posts without comments or likes.

A recent study found out how penetrative online bots and trolls are who keep spreading fake news as well as making posts viral for no reason. News firms are struggling to compete against social media that claims instant updates but the veracity of the content being shared is not verified at any point.

Be it Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, all these social media platforms are evolving to be more mature, less stressful on its audience to make a mark and make the internet a safer place for everyone. It is good to see Facebook, the biggest of them all make a move which is now being beta tested in Australia and may soon be rolled out internationally.

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