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Corsair makes some of the best RAM and gaming peripherals including mechanical keyboards and gaming mice. The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless is a headset aimed directly at the premium segment with a hefty price tag that will surprise most buyers.

Unless you are an audiophile, you would definitely frown at headphones or headsets priced above $100. After all it is expensive to purchase for your Fortnite, Counter Strike or Dota 2 gaming sessions. Some gamers do and the manufacturer seems to be aiming at those niche segment which wouldn’t mind spending more on their peripherals.

The Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless gaming headset is priced at a clean $179.99 for which the company claims you will get the best music and gaming sounds clarity unlike never before. Obviously, they would have incorporated better drivers that should make it more ideal for high fidelity audio from Spotify or your favorite games.

The performance according to reviews is quite good for the headphones but the microphone quality seems to be a hit or miss at times. Despite the mixed claims because of the expensive price tag, a reputed firm like Tom’s Hardware claims that the initial impressions were really good. So, you could take their word on it for now if you are planning to put down your dollars.

The frequency range is rather high as it can handle anywhere between 20Hz to 40,000Hz which is quite uncommon on most gaming headsets. There are multiple variants of the same headset in different price tags but the minor difference is the size of the microphone used in the highest SE model. The not-so-SE has a smaller 4mm mic while the bigger version has 9.5mm as both of them are Discord certified.

Being a wireless model, it delivers with 60 feet of wireless range and can handle a solid 20 hours of battery life, long enough for you to have multiple extended gaming sessions over a weekend. The RGB lighting is quite common on all PC gaming peripherals these days and these Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless just ticks all the right boxes.

It is available in three different colors including White, Gun Metal and Carbon. The SE variant is bit more expensive at $209.99 whereas the non-SE model is at $179.99 on the official website.

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