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No one would have imagined that a microphone with a built-in display would launch but the Razer Seiren Emote Mic proves everyone wrong, including us. It actually features an 8-bit 8×8 display on the microphone’s head where you usually speak and display hundreds of different emoticons.

Driven by the power of Razer’s Emote engine, the microphone allows streamers to change their mood which will reflect on the built-in display and can also synchronize with your streaming on Twitch or other platforms. It can be used to denote a smiley when the streamer receives a donation, audience leaves positive feedback or has a comment to make.

Everything is displayed in 8-bit pattern that invariably provides a nostalgic look to the Razer Seiren Emote mic and you can choose to edit them on the Razer Streamer, a companion app for professionals. The developers provide over 100s of images to choose from and the library is expected to grow much better in the following months.


Streamers can now communicate visually

The 8×8 grid display is set up directly over the microphone’s grill besides solving the purpose of being able to speak with your audience during a stream. Instead of relying on chat boxes, this is a unique way to express while exceptional voice clarity is delivered on the cardioid setup that eliminates unwanted background noise. It has a sturdy microphone stand which can absorb shock and also delivers better grip while placing it along with your gaming setup.

Razer calls it their stream reactive emoticons that keeps changing. This particular model is compatible with all major services including StreamLabs, Twitch, XSplit and Mixer. The gooseneck is customizable so that you can comfortably increase the height of Razer Seiren Emote mic if needed and it doesn’t need any specific software to start using it.

The Razer Seiren Emote Mic costs a hefty $179.99 and for a seasoned streamer, the cost is justified considering all the special features and uniqueness this microphone provides them.

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