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At first look, you might probably dismiss Microsoft Surface Duo as another gimmicky concept video but the company is actually making it. While it is not going to be available till Holiday 2020, the concept video looks promising and they also showcased it during the Surface event.

Microsoft had a wonderful event today listing all their Surface line-up of products. The surprise announcement was the Surface Neo and the Surface Duo. While the Neo is a dual-screened foldable laptop that runs on Windows 10X, the Surface Duo is even more promising as it runs on Android out of the box.

Instead of going the difficult Samsung route where a foldable display causes more issues, Microsoft simply opted for a thin hinge in between while the displays are connected through the operating system. The user can comfortably flip images, videos or browsing tabs from one screen to another.

The Microsoft Surface Duo can definitely revolutionize the smartphone industry because Microsoft has directly partnered with Google. Android OS will be tweaked in many ways to support the dual displays and also be intuitive when you seamlessly flip the displays, use a pen or even type using a large keyboard.

With such screen real estate, it even looks like the Nintendo 3DS where you have two displays to work with when using MS Office, browsing or playing games. The displays showcase entirely different content that you can see on each screen, allowing you to stay more productive on your Android phone.

It is bit difficult to keep explaining how the Microsoft Surface Duo or the Surface Neo would work. While Holiday 2020 is an exceptionally long wait, you can still watch the teaser videos. Considering how intuitive and innovative the idea is, it looks like Microsoft is on their best self with such products lined up for 2020 making them truly impressive as they were years ago with lots of concept ideas.

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