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The Nissan IMk electric concept car is a small car and should be easy to drive around the city irrespective of the changing traffic conditions. The design isn’t immediately impressive but the actual aim is to make a vehicle that is both autonomous and also fully electrified.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is the new term coined by the company and the entire idea is to make vehicles autonomous that they can comfortably communicate with one another. If you have seen some sci-fi movies, this is probably what the future would look like.

Humans are no longer required to look at the road and drive as these vehicles are supposed to be able to handle it all. Besides, the boxy design may look bad on the outside but when you sit inside there will be enough room space to relax. In theory, a person will be able to even take a small nap before they reach their office in heavy city traffic.

The IMk electric concept car is designed to be a global variant that is supposed to be launched in all countries. The footprint is small, it is easy to drive around even if you are going to manually control the car. Besides, Nissan also plans to make the car as cheap as possible so that it becomes affordable electric solution for those in developing countries.

Currently, the brand sells the Nissan Leaf as its full-fledged EV whereas the Nissan IMk electric concept car is more of a new EV platform. The idea is to provide a lounge for travellers to sit back and relax. A prism display will be used to showcase the map, and there are no physical controls.

Everything can be handled by the AI assistant and all you have to do is give it the necessary commands. The car will drive you around, you can watch channels on the projected display or switch to map to find the shortest route possible. It can even autonomously find and park itself in a space. Once you are ready to leave, just call the car using the Nissan app and it will find its way to your pickup location with the help of GPS tracking system on your smartphone.

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