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Nintendo Switch is pushing its limits on every other game title these days. The Witcher 3 is definitely among the top tier titles because it can even push a 4K gaming PC to its edge. The developers dumbed down lots of graphical settings in order to make it run.

The Switch can run the game at 30 FPS with low settings on the Nintendo Switch. But, as it always has been, the modders wanted to know what version of the game is running and the techniques used to make it run on a desired setting. After enough research, they concluded that the console runs the PC version of the game.

In order to make it run smoothly, the developers have set the default graphical setting to low. Even the lowest setting on the Witcher 3 will look good to a certain extent. They have also made sure it makes use of dynamic resolution so that it can switch between 720p and can even go as low as 480p to let the game run without any hiccups.

A Mod to Unlock The Witcher 3

A modded Nintendo Switch console can be unlocked allowing it to run games without these restrictions. When unlocked, the game’s graphical settings can be visually tweaked. It looks much better than how the original game looked and was locked to the lowest FPS possible.

At some points, the modders also found that the game push itself to 60 frames per second bringing it on par with a PC edition. There is a catch though because by unlocking it, you will literally be pushing the Nintendo Switch console to its highest possible calibre. The Witcher 3 is a demanding game that will heat up the console like no other and may significantly reduce the life of the device or in some cases, can even damage the hardware.

The graphical bump is good but it is not going to impress you to the core or suddenly look like a PC version because of the lack of graphical hardware on the Switch. It is good to see some great third party titles like Wolfenstein, the Witcher 3, Overwatch and Doom run on a handheld, home console. The rumored Nintendo Pro may be able to run all these titles in much better graphics than the current one.

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